At Leading Change Partners, we offer a range of services to help Executives, Leaders and Teams embrace change, adapt and navigate disruption. Please check out our services below;

Executive Leadership Coaching

The Leading Change Partners Executive Leadership Coaching Programme has achieved extraordinary results from some of the world’s foremost multi-billion-dollar companies – it can do the same for you.

Facilitation & Training

When you need focus, collaboration, authentic learning and real change, Leading Change Partners facilitation and training services bring an energy, vibrancy and tight outcomes direction to every facilitation or training session.

Building Strong Teams

Forming, storming, norming and performing… in this new global environment of diversity and equality, bringing a team together and taking it to a place where members are working well together and really performing is more challenging than ever.

Keynote Speaker & Consultant

Leadership is changing. In this inspirational, funny and energetic keynote with Denis Gianoutsos (the person that developed Hewlett Packard’s executives globally), you will learn about executive presence – why you need it and how to get it.


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