Cultivating the presence of great leadership

Success, motivation, vision… you already have these things. They’re what got you to where you are, but how do you move others to lead a bigger game? And are you leading at your best? Or is it time to stretch yourself? To raise the stakes?

When you have intent, spirit, purpose and passion you begin to project a presence, an aura, of leadership that naturally draws people and opportunities to you – my job is to help you dig deep, find those things, and shine.”
– Denis Gianoutsos, CEO Leading Change Partners

Executive Leadership Coaching

The Leading Change Partners Executive Leadership Coaching Programme has achieved extraordinary results from some of the world’s foremost multi-billion-dollar companies – it can do the same for you.

Facilitation & Training

When you need focus, collaboration, authentic learning and real change, Leading Change Partners facilitation and training services bring an energy, vibrancy and tight outcomes direction to every facilitation or training session.

Building Strong Teams

Forming, storming, norming and performing… in this new global environment of diversity and equality, bringing a team together and taking it to a place where members are working well together and really performing is more challenging than ever.

Keynote Speaker & Consultant

Leadership is changing. In this inspirational, funny and energetic keynote with Denis Gianoutsos (the guy that developed Hewlett Packard’s executives globally), you will learn about executive presence – why you need it and how to get it.

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The rate and pace of technological, social and business change is accelerating, but our thinking, beliefs, habits and values aren’t keeping up. The Ionian Blueprint for Executive Success is a leadership model designed to help executives bridge the gap.

Your productivity achieves unexpected heights. You will find yourself with clarity, direction and insight. No longer overwhelmed or held up by roadblocks, you can restore your life balance and focus on what’s important.