Facilitation and Training

Leading people and teams to unlock potential and achieve objectives

At Leading Change Partners, we understand that facilitation, at its core, is leadership – strong, empathetic leadership. The same could be said for training.

In physiology, facilitation is often referred to as the ‘enhancement of the response of a neuron to stimulus’ – what a perfect description. Leading Change Partners stimulates and enhances creativity, conflict resolution, learning and insight.


We design (when necessary), implement, manage and deliver:

  • Leadership meetings
  • Team building
  • Top talent programmes
  • Strategic workshops
  • Organisational development workshops
  • Leadership in a disrupted world
  • Change and Resilience workshops
  • Business development meetings
  • Senior leadership team dialogues and training
  • Blue sky thinking
The Leading Change Partners point of difference

Every training session, every workshop, every facilitation fosters:

  • A spirit of independence – every voice should be heard
  • Diversity – for collaboration to succeed there must be equality
  • Awareness – adjust, adapt and capitalise on the room’s dynamic
  • Courage and presence – the right energy and skills will draw out issues and ideas and point them in the right direction