468: Leadership is Changing Mashup | (ft. Denis O’Shea and Kim Curtis)

How do high-performance individuals respond to change? In this episode with Denis O’Shea and Kim Curtis, listen to how their experiences demonstrated the actions steps of an effective leader in response to change. Denis O’Shea shares his inspiring journey from growing up in Ireland to going to several countries for career opportunities and then becoming a leader. Kim Curtis talks about writing her two bestselling books on Amazon: ‘Money Secrets: Keys to Smart Investing’ and ‘Retirement Secrets: Keys to Retiring Happy, Healthy & Free’. Get inspired by this conversation that looks into pivoting and resetting amid changing times, learning how to get out of one’s own way for success, exploring purpose and passion when time allows, and understanding the importance of inspiration as a leader.

In this episode:

Main takeaways:

  • Sometimes, leadership dawns on us through curiosity
  • Study other leaders to improve your leadership skills
  • Get yourself out of the way and do what you know you have to do
  • Achieve peace of mind in order to reach fulfillment


“Many leaders are very effective when they focus on one discipline, and they can be an expert in one industry.” – Denis O’Shea

“When you finally step off, and you have the bandwidth, if done correctly, in terms of integrating financial planning with investments, you have the bandwidth to go managing money. No worries. Goal setting. No worries. But peace of mind, you got to have it first before you can get to fulfillment.” – Kim Curtis

Connect with Denis: 

Email: denis@leadingchangepartners.com

Website: http://www.leadingchangepartners.com/

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