462: Leadership is Changing Mashup | (ft. Matt Edmundson and Richard Taurima)

Are you ready to gain insights from two industry experts on achieving harmony between work and personal life? 

In today’s mashup episode, join Matt Edmundson as he shares his inspiring journey of running his businesses and enjoying a happy family life; he discusses how to prioritize what is essential, master the art of people management, and work with people. Richard Taurima provides insights into the importance of understanding different cultures and why decentralization could majorly impact global culture.

Listen in and discover what makes a great leader, including how to build relationships, understand cultures, master technology, and catch the wave of trends!

In this episode:

  • Exploring the power of leadership beyond money and politics and how you can turn ordinary people into extraordinary people 
  • The importance of understanding yourself before setting out on any journey

Main takeaways:

  • Success is clarifying what is important to you and making sure you succeed there first
  • Leadership is essential if you want to build a company, family or better yourself
  • You have to work with people and lead them if you want to achieve something more than what you can do with your skills and talents
  • Leadership is about relationship building, representing your company, and using techniques/styles to make a sale


“If you want to build a company, you have to work with people.” – Matt Edmundson

“Sometimes it’s just the simple things in life that make you successful.” – Matt Edmundson

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