Leadership is Changing Mashup | (ft. Andrew Cordle and Chris Rollins)

Seeking to unlock the power of discernment and cultivate a healthy mindset for sustainable success?

In this episode, Andrew Cordle and Chris Rollins dive into the importance of discernment when presented with opportunities and how to develop a healthy mindset to achieve sustainable results. Hear from them on their journey to leadership and learn why Jim Collins’ book “Good To Great” is an essential read for any leader.

Tune in to hear valuable tips on decision-making processes, dealing with procrastination or shiny object syndrome, and recommendations on books that can help shift your thinking!

In this episode:

  • How Andrew combats “Shiny Object Syndrome” and stays focused
  • The difference between impact and influence. Whereas impact is deep and narrow, influence is wide but shallow
  • How Chris’ unique revelation led him into “true” leadership by learning to empower his team to deliver outstanding results rather than bringing results himself
  • Why mindset is the start of the road map to success

Main takeaways:

  • Filter your ideas through the lens of “Do you love this?”
  • Learn who you are as a decision-maker 
  • Leaders need to exercise the ability of discernment 
  • Good leaders empower their teams to get great results
  • Without the right mindset, you’ve already lost before you started


“Out of all the little ideas that are coming through, put the filters in place. And one of the filters that I always put in place is, ‘do I actually love this thing?’ – Andrew Cordle

“If the mindset is not right, you’ve lost before you’ve taken the first step of the journey.” – Chris Rollins

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