428: Focus on the Leadership Principles – Matt McWilliams

“Your communication style will determine your brand.”

Today’s guest is Matt McWilliams, bestselling author of “Turn Your Passions Into Profits.” Matt has worked with some of the top entrepreneurs in the world, including Shark Tank’s Kevin Harrington, Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi, Michael Hyatt, Lewis House, Brian Tracy, and Jeff Walker. 

In this episode, Matt shares his journey in entrepreneurship and how he built a following from scratch. He emphasizes the importance of communication style in determining one’s brand and provides tips on monetizing passions online. Matt discusses the importance of iteration, taking action, and making mistakes to improve over time. Tune in to this episode for valuable insights on becoming a successful leader in business and life!

In this episode:

  • From golf instruction to online business
  • Leadership lessons: taking action and embracing failure for success
  • Building your brand as a leader
  • Strategies for standing out in today’s crowded market

Main takeaways: 

  • Communication style determines your brand
  • Willingness to be wrong and take risks is vital in business
  • Iteration and testing ideas are key to success
  • Delegate and hire people to take over tasks you don’t enjoy or aren’t good at
  • Build a team gradually, starting with low-level tasks and working up to higher-level ones


“Your communication style will determine your brand.” – Matt McWilliams

“Too many people procrastinate. They sit back, and they wait. They want it to be perfect, and I don’t. It would never be perfect.” – Matt McWilliams

“The easier it is to get noticed in today’s world, the harder it is to stand out.” – Matt McWilliams

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