271: Ask Denis: Leaders Don’t Abandon The Ship

Leaders are constantly under pressure, overwhelmed, and disrupted. They have to face different situations, make hard decisions, manage resources, be honest, support people, etc. The important question here is: As a leader, how do you react to those scenarios? What is going on in your mind? In this episode, I dive into the kind of leaders that might exist, and I encourage you to consider if you are a leader that prefers to step away and leave everything behind, or if you are the one who holds the ground and fights for what you believe in.

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On this episode:

  • I talk about why your actions are more important than your words when you are a leader.  Bringing things to life, being honest and transparent with people is what is going to make the difference.
  • I challenge you to reflect on the kind of leader that you are. People want leaders that stand for what is right and take them forward. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Show world-class leadership courage and inspiration
  • We need leaders to be transparent with people
  • Always stand for what is right and engage with people
  • Bring your values to life and back your people
  • Understand what kind of leader you are
  • Be willing to step up as a leader

Tweetable Quotes:

“What we need around the globe more is countries and organizations and communities have their leaders speak the truth, be real and transparent with the people, we need them to lead from the front.” – Denis Gianoutsos

“People want their voices to be heard. But also people are wanting leaders not to abandon the ship.” – Denis Gianoutsos

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