You may be asking why should you hire an Executive Coach? What value will I get from an Executive Coach? How do I know that an Executive Coach is right for me?

These are valid questions and Leaders across the globe that I meet sometimes have these questions. To help you determine whether or not an executive coach is the right choice for you, I have listed some of the most compelling reasons why you should hire an Executive Coach.

  • Vision – an experienced executive coach will help you develop a defined and focused vision for your business.
  • Success Blueprint – they will assist you in developing your personal plans for success using your personal strengths, values, and background.
  • Confidentiality – your executive coach will become your trusted confidant. They will allow you to voice your frustrations, and disappointments in a safe and secure environment. They will never judge you for what you are feeling, and will become someone who you can discuss anything with and seek their advice. Most Executives find it difficult in speaking with their boss or Board of Directors as their compensation and benefits are associated with the boss or board.
  • Goal Achiever – if you have difficulty staying on track and focusing on the task at hand, an executive coach will help you retain your focus and achieve your goals.
  • Development Potential – an experienced executive coach will help you recognize areas where you may be vulnerable. They can assist you in becoming stronger in areas where you may demonstrate weakness.
  • Perspective – an executive coach will provide you with valuable feedback and perspective on your business goals. You can trust their opinion and feedback because they do not have any other agenda other than helping you become a better executive.
  • Time Management Effectiveness – if you have difficulty properly managing your time, an executive coach can help improve your time management skills. They will help you avoid wasting time and create a time management plan that you can follow.
  • Strategic Thinker – your executive coach will provide you with the direction you need to become a more effective strategic thinker. The Executive Coach will challenge your thinking by asking powerful effective thinking questions.
  • Connection – if you have struggled in the past with your written and oral communication skills, an executive coach can help you improve these skills. The ability to connect with your audience is very powerful.
  • Executive Presence – they will help you create a positive personal image for you and your company. Your Executive Presence will help your effectiveness and confidence within your organization and clients.

Hiring an executive coach can be extremely beneficial for not only you, but your business as well.

If you have engaged with an Executive Coach, I would like to hear what your experience was like? How did you select the right coach for you? What has engaging an Executive Coach done for you or your organization?