423: Leadership is Changing Mashup | (ft. Partick Snow and Barbara Gustavson)

Leadership is an individual’s ability to provide for their family without relying on the success of an organization.

Denis shares his past episodes with Patrick Snow and Barbara Gustavson in this mashup. Tune in to learn the value of hard work and the values of a great leader.

In this episode:

  • From Left-Handed Underdog to Self-Leadership: The Story of Patrick’s Journey to Success
  • Discovering the Power of Brain Health 

Main takeaways:

  • Leadership is more than a title; it is about providing for your family without relying on an organization
  • Education is a significant investment, but learning how to fish for yourself is essential


“I’m a huge fan of self-leadership, but I’ve not been one that’s worked for the big Fortune 500 company and had an organizational development chart where I had 200 people report to me. I’ve always been the guy that’s like, you know what? I can do it better than these guys” – Partick Snow

“Family is the most important thing in the world, and you need to fight like hell always and forever to protect your family emotionally, financially, in every way that you can.” – Partick Snow

“If our brain is healthy and working right, we will likely succeed. And if it’s not working as well, it impacts our decisions, our focus, our relationship, judgment, and character.” – Barbara Gustavson

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