431: Leadership is Not an Entitlement – It’s an Obligation – Dawn Abbott

One must value creating a positive and supportive work environment to achieve success individually and as a team.

Denis welcomes Dawn Abbott, who started a business in special events with her husband in 1991. After a traumatic incident in 2013, she had some serious decisions to make. This led to her embarking on a journey of finding her passion.


In this episode, Denis and Dawn dive into the importance of delegation, letting go, lifting others, and gaining clarity on who you are as a leader. She also shares how implementing the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) in her business transformed it financially and culturally, leading her to help other business owners create healthy, cohesive systems. Overall, this conversation highlights the value of creating a positive and supportive work environment to achieve success individually and as a team. Join us as we delve into what it takes to be a successful leader in today’s ever-changing world.

In this episode:

  • How entrepreneurs can learn to lead and delegate with EOS
  • Leadership in the community: challenges and lessons learned
  • Leadership from an employee’s perspective and the importance of vulnerability

Main takeaways:

  • The Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) focuses on vision, traction, and healthy team dynamics
  • Essential leadership qualities include impact and lifting others
  • Perspective-changing experiences like difficult times can lead to gratitude
  • Leadership can start with one person and one idea, regardless of the scale of the organization
  • Leaders don’t need to have all the answers and should let employees see them sweat


“What happened after that trauma was sort of a forced letting go of the vine and a forced mindset change that I think is important for leaders to have, and hopefully they can have it without the trauma.” – Dawn Abbott

“Entrepreneurship often leads to accidental leadership, but it’s important to strive for intentional and effective leadership to make a positive impact on the organization and its people.” – Dawn Abbott

“Leadership is not an entitlement; it’s an obligation.” – Dawn Abbott

“I think employees just want leaders to know that they’re human, they’re not a number, and that what they do has impact and that it matters.” – Dawn Abbott

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