425: Through Any Storm – There’s a Way Out – Josh Fuller

Learn to brave any storm in today’s episode as Denis welcomes Josh Fuller. After facing several unexpected obstacles, Josh persevered through tough times and eventually turned his business, Matic Digital, into a successful digital strategy and talent growth agency. Josh discusses the importance of resilience, humor, trusting your gut, and discovering and shaping talent. He shares how he regained confidence, excitement, and hope that he could find a way out by mapping out his problems on a whiteboard and tackling them individually. Josh explains why empathy, approachability, and humility are more important now than ever before when it comes to being an effective leader. Tune in to hear Josh’s inspiring story and get valuable insights on what it takes to be a successful leader.

In this episode:

  • Josh Fuller’s story of resilience, pivoting, and humor
  • Phil Knight: From Subcontractor to Global Leader and Celebrating Everyday Athletes
  • How has leadership changed, and what makes a leader successful

Main takeaways:

  • Through any storm, there is a way out
  • Leaders need to be able to leverage technology quickly and harness it into the human pattern
  • The positive impact of technology and automation
  • Employees expect empathy, face time, approachability, and humility from their leaders


“Through any storm, there’s a way out.” – Josh Fuller

“If you can get it out of your head and get it onto paper, then you can see it. But also you do not have to carry it around with you in your head all the time, which is important.” – Josh Fuller

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