414: Leadership is Changing Mashup | (ft. Allan Birch and Nader Luthera)

Denis brings back some highlights from his past episodes with Alan Birch and Nader Luthera about the changing dynamics of leadership in today’s world. Tune in as they discuss how technology, sustainability, health, and safety are impacting leadership roles; the essence of leadership, which still includes connecting with people and caring for them; economic sustainability to secure the ability to do other things such as taking care of people. 

In this episode:

  • Using storytelling to build engagement and connect with people
  • Exploring leadership through Walt Disney, Chuck Feeney, and father’s values

Main takeaways:

  • “Smash the role you’re in” and ask for more responsibility
  • Storytelling is essential for building engagement and bringing stakeholders along
  • Focusing on the fusion between well-being, leadership, and business excellence


“You’ve gotta smash the role you’re in. You must do a great job of what you’re doing and broaden it. But don’t be afraid once you’ve earned that to ask for more responsibility and show that you’re capable of growing.” – Allan Birch

“Taking a leap and connecting with like-minded people is probably the best thing we can do.” – Nader Luthera

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