316: Ask Denis: Stealing The Learning Experience

If someone tells you the highlights of a movie you were about to watch, wouldn’t that spoil your experience? This is why we should allow others to go through the experience themselves. In today’s episode, Denis explicates how this example rings true when it comes to learning. As leaders, we must allow the team to go through the learning process instead of merely telling them what to do. Leaders should be present but not always in control, allowing their staff to have the opportunity to learn on their own. Listen in!

In this episode:

  • I explain how stealing the learning experience can be applied to personal and professional situations.
  • I share the three reflection questions from a learning experience.
  • I discuss how leaders sometimes must let go to allow others to learn.

Key Takeaways:

  • Allow others the opportunity to learn so they can grow and develop their skills.
  • Leaders should not steal learning experiences from their staff
  • Observation and reflection are essential parts of the learning process
  • Reflection is vital to help learn from mistakes
  • Be there to support your team as they grow


Tweetable Quotes:

“We need to step back and allow people to learn.”  – Denis Gianoutsos

“We shouldn’t steal that learning experience. We should allow people to have that learning experience for them to grow.” – Denis Gianoutsos

“Think about what you want to do with your teams and how you want to develop them. Give them the opportunity to learn. Stop stealing their experience.” – Denis Gianoutsos 

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