307: Ask Denis: What Holds Organizations Back?

“We have always done it this way.” versus “How might we make things even better?” – the biggest difference is that one is moving forward while another is falling behind. As the world keeps evolving, we must keep up with the times and target the limiting beliefs we have in our minds to learn how to take the challenge head-on. The key is to know how to communicate this movement with the team to enable inspiration. In this way, organizations would not be held back.

In this episode:

  • I examine the dangers of not coping with change as organizations and leaders.
  • Communicate with people and take them on the journey.
  • When it comes to going through change and leading through change, take the challenge head-on. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Standing still and not upgrading means going backward
  • It is all about attitude and change in perspective
  • Change starts with us first
  • Inspire people to think differently


Tweetable Quotes:

” ‘We have always done it this way,’… That’s proven as the most dangerous phrase in business and leadership today.”  – Denis Gianoutsos

“If you can lead your business through change, you’re on to a real winning combination… Take it head-on.” – Denis Gianoutsos

“When people, organizations, businesses, and leaders let go and get out of their comfort zones, this is where the magic happens.” – Denis Gianoutsos

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