306: Hermann Simon – Many Worlds, One Life

What characterizes an exemplary leader? Does it have to mean being famous? Hermann Simon argues otherwise. He tackles what characterizes a leader – unity of purpose, the ambition to be the best in their own market, focus, and the ability to inspire others – and to him, he found those characteristics in hidden champions.

Hermann Simon, PhD., is a world-renowned management thinker, consultant, pricing expert, entrepreneur, and leading authority on the “hidden champions” business model. He is the founder and honorary chairman of Simon-Kucher & Partners, the world’s leading price consultancy with over 1,700 employees and 42 offices worldwide. Simon is the author of 40 books in 30 different languages, including the worldwide bestseller Hidden Champions. 

Join us as Denis and Hermann examine what it takes to be a phenomenal leader and the mindful ways to adapt to change in today’s world. 

In this episode:

  • Hermann shares about joining the Air Force and how it was important in his experience as a young leader.
  • Not wanting to have a boss above you is the ultimate motivation to becoming a leader.
  • The journey to learning leadership truly begins during childhood.
  • Hermann talks about writing a couple of books about the hidden champions who are mid-sized, unknown global market leaders.
  • In the fundamentals, leadership does not change. However, we have to respond to the changes with the use of tools and cultivating concrete values.
  • Leaders must remain distant and unattached at times with the aim of not being overwhelmed, but being able to think deeply.
  • Leaders must not neglect the economic aspect of the business. Private companies must remain profit-oriented.

Key Takeaways:

  • Being a leader means standing on your own two feet
  • Phenomenal leaders are characterized by unity of person and purpose
  • Inspiring others as a leader – you cannot do it alone
  • Step back, close the door, and have space to think
  • ESG and company values have gained much importance in today’s world

Tweetable Quotes:

“If you do not want to have a boss above you, you must become a leader, you must stand on your own feet.” – Hermann Simon

“The ability to inspire others as an as a leader, you cannot do it alone. An artist, a painter, an author can become world-famous on his or her own, not a leader or entrepreneur.” – Hermann Simon

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