305: John C. Morley – Be True To Oneself

We all know that being true to oneself is a virtue that one must have in order to truly inspire and make an impact, but what kind of mindset do we need to make this happen? My guest, John C. Morley, shares his insights about his experience in various industries and how leaders can take on the role of helping other people instead of merely taking on the position. John’s story is an example of how anyone, no matter their background or experience, can lead a successful life if they are willing to take the initiative.

John Morley is a Serial Entrepreneur, Engineer, Marketing Specialist, National Talk Show Host, First Responder, and President of a local charity. John’s main mission is to become a better version of himself and help others become better versions of themselves.

Listen in as John and I explore how to balance executive excellence and personal wellbeing in order to become a better leader.

In this episode:

  • John shares his experience as a talk show host tackling his opinions on technology, the current state of affairs, and tips on protecting oneself from cybercrime.
  • Technology has evolved over the years and people can be vulnerable to cybercrime. Learn how how to best deal with such a situation.
  • John talks about how he got into leadership and how it has helped him in his career. He also talks about the importance of patience and being truthful, even if it is difficult.
  • Leadership is not just about having a position in a company or organization, but about having a purpose and helping others achieve their goals.
  • It is important to have a few people on the fence about you in order to be worried about what you will do.
  • Leadership is changing because people are starting to realize that it is more than just being in a corporate setting.
  • The key to overcoming these fears is to stay on track and focus on the task at hand
  • Leaders should strive to be genuinely interested in their employees and build a bond with them.
  • When employees feel like they can trust and rely on their leaders, they are more likely to be productive.

Key Takeaways:

  • With the evolvement of technology arises vulnerabilities to cybercrime – stay informed
  • Be patient and truthful, no matter how difficult
  • Leadership is more than just a position, but the purpose of helping others achieve their goals
  • Being a leader can be learned through experience
  • Bring your A-game to the table
  • Be in the solution, not the problem, and have dedication
  • Have a positive attitude in the face of change

Tweetable Quotes:

“You see, in leadership, we always want everybody to like us. We want friends. But you know what the truth of the matter is, especially in business, you can’t be worried about that.” – John C. Morley

“When leaders understand that there’s so much they can do and grow, that’s when it becomes amazing and a lot of people get scared.” – John C. Morley

“If you feel it first, you manifest it second.” – John C. Morley

“Take the first step and make the choice to change your life.” – John C. Morley

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