302: Tim Branyan – Invest in Yourself

In today’s world, investing in yourself is the way to go in order to stay relevant and be empowered. Today, my guest, Tim Branyan, discusses the importance of mindfully consuming content and being surrounded by supportive people through your journey.

Tim Branyan helps brands & content creators turn their influence into more income. He has launched hundreds of successful apps, developed hundreds of platforms, and founded multi-million-dollar companies. He has scaled to millions of users across his various platforms globally. Tim’s mission is to help people become rich without sacrificing their sanity or soul. 

Join us as Tim and I discuss the future of leadership and the mindset to employ when dealing with Gen Zs.

In this episode:

  • Tim discusses how leaders can adapt to change by finding the balance between executive excellence and personal wellbeing.
  • It’s important to be mindful of the content we consume and how it might be impacting our character.
  • Tim shares how TrueFanz, the invite-only content creation platform is redefining what it means to monetize your talents.
  • In the future, employees will have to lead themselves more and companies will have to figure out ways to replicate the soul, spirit, and care of their leaders throughout their large organizations.
  • People who are invested in themselves and their own development will be able to serve others well.
  • Tim shares his insights on what makes a great leader and how to be one in today’s ever-changing world.

Key Takeaways:

  • The world needs more community
  • Fear is driving a lot of the negative behavior in society
  • Invest in yourself to be able to serve others
  • Leaders who are healthy perform better than those who are not
  • Leaders are deeply invested in the solutions they serve

Tweetable Quotes:

“Young people, I definitely don’t think they’re worthless whatsoever. A lot of people get mad grumpy. They think that Gen Z, that are worthless. That’s bullshit. They are exceptionally intelligent. They’re more informed than any other human being has ever been informed, which is partly probably why they’re like upset.” – Tim Branyan

“What’s important to them [Gen Zers] is giving them a high level task and allowing them the permission to make mistakes or make progress.” – Tim Branyan

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