297: Jon Tsourakis – Be Connected With Your People

In today’s world, it is necessary for leaders to have a good understanding of technology and how it affects business. They also need to be able to connect with people on a human level so that they can understand what they’re trying to do for them. And finally, they need to have humility because they’re not always the loudest or best at communicating their thoughts to everybody.

Jon Tsourakis is a serial entrepreneur, seasoned leader, strategist, and expert in brand identity, business communications, buyer behavior, sales conversions, marketing systems, product/service design, and digital marketing. He created two companies that averaged 4X’s ROI for businesses with branding and marketing models. In his industry, he has done it all to some extent: write, draw, code, design, but he shines most as a marketing strategist and sales developer. He has a unique ability to organize chaos, simplify the complex, and build a team to overcome obstacles and challenges.

Jump right in and listen as Jon and Denis tackle the essential points in becoming more connected with the people and leading the company to success.

In this episode:

  • Jon discusses how he challenges people in his team to think about ways that they can do things better, and how this mentality is essential to being a successful leader. 
  • Be wary of the dangers of staying stagnant and repeating old habits. Understand how dangerous it can be to rely on defaults rather than thinking about ways to improve.
  • Jon shares how he worked for his father and was fired in front of a group of people.
  • Successful leaders often have a good relationship with control, which allows them to be more efficient in achieving their goals.
  • The new way of leading is based on understanding information and being selective.
  • Employees today demand honesty more than ever and leaders must lead with their best foot forward and be authentic in order to keep employees happy.

Key Takeaways:

  • Always think about how to do things in a better way
  • Beware of repeating old habits and staying stagnant
  • Leadership can be learned and it comes naturally through trial and error
  • Have processes in place to lead teams effectively
  • Being emotionally triggered in today’s world is not the way to go
  • Honesty and authenticity are the demands of employees
  • Being connected to people is important in order to make sound decisions

Tweetable Quotes:

“Always be on time to communicate when you’re not going to be on time and make sure you always show up.” – Jon Tsourakis

“It’s more genuine being with somebody saying, hey, we’re going to align what it is that you want with what it is that I want. And it’s going to be mutual based on these outcomes.” – Jon Tsourakis

Connect with Jon by checking out his website and LinkedIn.

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Website: http://www.leadingchangepartners.com/ 

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