243: Emily Ransone – Leaders Grow or Die

Growth is not a straight line but rather a flow state that is caught. If you want to survive as a leader, then It’s time to find that flow with today’s guest Emily Ransone!

Emily is a partner in a Direct-to-Consumer & B2B office furniture business, where she challenges conventional thinking about how to leverage the office environment as a strategic tool to achieve business objectives.

She is also a business coach (EOS Implementer) helping business owners and leadership teams get more of what they want from their businesses

Emily is also the author of the book, “Growth Junkies Unite”, where she helps people gain the traction they need to start their growth journey.

What an incredible leader, problem-solver, communicator, and advocate for growth! I can’t wait for you to ‘dig in’ and learn how leaders either grow or die.

On this episode:

  • Emily talks through what an EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System) Implementer is and how it helps move all the aspects of a business forward in harmony while creating leaders in the process.
  • The difference between leading and managing. Leaders create openings for people to join them on the journey and take ownership.
  • Emily shares the foundations for her book, Growth Junkies Unite, and how we all need a reinvigoration of our growth. 
  • Leadership happens with a combination of intentionality with having your antennas up for opportunity, but it can’t be forced. Learn how to get into the “flow of life.” 
  • How growing as a leader means you train up the next generation to take on the mantle to do it better than you. 
  • How do we avoid extinction as leaders? Emily talks about being exploratory in our thinking and putting in place autonomy, mastery, and purpose.

Key Takeaways:

  • Let science work for you while you focus on your artistry 
  • Seek first to understand then be understood
  • Invite your team to become owners 
  • Growth doesn’t happen in a straight line
  • Leadership is a relaxed flow rather than something forced
  • Evolve or die – you have to be attuned to change 

Tweetable Quotes:

“It’s not just about listening… You’ve gotta actively be mining for understanding and then coming together.” – Emily Ransone

“When people are staying stuck it’s because they fear change… It’s the people who think they’ve got it all figured out that are going to go the way of the dinosaur.” – Emily Ransone

Connect with Emily on LinkedIn or email efransone@gamil.com. Visit http://www.tractionforgrowth.com/  and start getting what you want out of your business.


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