206: Simon O’Connor – Leaders; Understand Who You Are

Do you understand what it is you’re trying to achieve as a leader? Have you reflected deeply on why you want it? In this episode, we’re going to explore this so you can walk out with confidence, able to articulate your goals as a leader.

Simon O’Connor, a politician with the soul of a poet, is the Member of Parliament for the Tamaki electorate in New Zealand. In this role he combines his two passions – people and ideas.

He was most recently the Chair of Parliament’s Foreign Affairs, Defence, and Trade select committee and before that, the Chair of the Health committee. Currently he holds the largest number of responsibilities in the caucus. 

Prior to politics he was in the corporate world. He also has his own podcast called “On Point” where he interviews various guests on contemporary topics both in New Zealand and abroad. 

Leaders, it’s time to understand who you are! Tune in and learn the best strategies to make your leadership successful.

On this episode:

  • Learn more about Simon’s background and how it informed his leadership today 
  • How well do you understand what it is you’re trying to achieve?  Why it’s important to understand what your goal is and why you want it
  • How Sony Walkman, as an example, was able to change and pivot to adapt to the market 
  • Simon shares how leadership has changed in the space of politics
  • Leaders are loaded with feelings and emotions – we need to lead with a focus on reason and discussion
  • Too many leaders don’t know who they are – when a leader knows who they are, that’s what builds success – learn to understand yourself better through reflection 

Key Takeaways:

  • Leaders need to put their hand up and lead from the front by example
  • Understand deeply what it is you want and why 
  • Leadership take constant education 
  • You need to be able to change and adapt quickly 
  • Stop, sit down, and make decisions from reason 
  • “The un-reflected life is not worth having”

Tweetable Quotes:

“You’ve got to understand what you stand for and why… If you can’t explain an idea to someone quickly and simply, you yourself don’t understand it.” – Simon O’Connor

“Leadership is about making the decisions that you won’t… You’ve got to be the one who makes the call.” – Simon O’Connor

“The un-reflected life is not worth having… What makes a leader successful? It’s someone who is able to reflect on what they’re doing and why.” – Simon O’Connor 

Connect with Simon on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Be sure to tune into One Point to hear amazing content on the most burning issues in our modern times.                


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