203: Andrew Bryant – Leadership Through the Lens of Self Leadership

It’s time for leaders to wake up. In a world increasingly in need of strong leaders, we need to step up in a key area: Self mastery!

Andrew Bryant, CSP is the #1 Global Speaker on Self-leadership, a C-Suite Advisor, an Award-Winning Coach, and a Best-Selling Author.

Andrew is on a mission to ‘wake people up’ to their best possible selves and has been doing this for 20+ years through his books, Conference Keynotes, Leadership Team Facilitation, and Executive Coaching.

He serves as External Faculty for several universities and contributes to Women in Leadership Programs, but is most proud of the work he does building self-esteem and confidence for at-risk teenagers.

English by birth, Australian by passport and Brazilian by wife, with clients from Singapore to Silicon Valley, he has recently settled in Portugal. Andrew walks-the-talk with the flexibility and perspective to successfully traverse cultures.

Dive into this episode with me and let’s learn more about leadership through the lens of self leadership.

On this episode:

  • Learn more about what influenced Andrew early in his life to become the leader that he is today
  • The core of authenticity: practicing what it is you teach others
  • Leadership can sometimes be contextual. Self mastery is what creates truly great not, only leaders, but people as well
  • How has the acceleration of digitization changed leadership? 
  • Creating a safe place for people collaborate, contribute, and create community 
  • Don’t beat yourself up for mistakes – make new decisions with new information with the power of self awareness

Key Takeaways:

  • Practice what you preach 
  • AAA: Accept, Adjust, Advance 
  • Take ownership of your attitude 
  • Leadership is contextual
  • Collaboration is better than self interest 
  • Self awareness is key to making self mastery work

Tweetable Quotes:

“You have to have outcomes, you have to decide that you want to move somewhere; and you have to take ownership and responsibility for your thoughts, feelings and actions towards that.” – Andrew Bryant

“The key element of leadership is not speaking but listening.” – Andrew Bryant

“You have to have some self-awareness around taking the ownership and making the best of the cards that you’ve been dealt.” – Andrew Bryant

“Just keep asking these questions: Is this the best way to do it? Am I being the best version of me right now? And if not, what is, and making that change.” – Andrew Bryant

Connect with Andrew on LinkedIn. Be sure to visit https://www.selfleadership.com/ to influence your thinking through self leadership. 


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