132: Ask Denis – A Royal Leader

In this episode of Ask Denis, let’s join Denis for a special episode dedicated to the recently passed world-class leader, Prince Philip. His leadership was recognized around the world, and with his passing, a global icon is lost.

As we mourn his death, Denis dedicates this episode to pay tribute to Prince Philip. Denis talks about the early life of the Prince, his work, and why he admires him. Truly, Prince Philip is a Royal Leader.


On this episode:

  • Denis pays his tribute to the recently passed Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh
  • Denis shares why he admires Prince Philip
  • Prince Philip, a leader that was ahead of his time.
  • What kind of leader would you like to be known as?

Key Takeaways:

  • Leaders must be authentic, transparent, and real.
  • Consistently encourage people to be their best.
  • Become a leader that can make an impact in people’s lives.
  • Start creating your legacy now.


Tweetable Quotes:

“Don’t wait cause it’s now time for you to go ahead and be the best leader that you could be.” – Denis Gianoutsos



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