106: Ask Denis – The Accountable Coach

In this episode of ask Denis, hear Denis talk about the accountable coach. Did you know that many successful people and organizations used to have a coach or still have one? In general, coaches guide you and keeps checking up on you whether you are taking steps towards your goals. They help hold you accountable to your commitments, what you’re saying, or what you want to do. 

Surveys show that leadership accountability is a key business driver and tool. So, what happens when there is a lack of accountability?

On this episode:

  • What is accountability?
  • Hear Denis talk about what happens when there’s a lack in accountability
  • Denis discusses the possibilities when there’s accountability in an organization
  • Denis talks about taking accountability and ownership
  • What is an Accountable Coach?

Key Takeaways:

  • Take full responsible ownership of your actions
  • Accept personal accountability. Don’t blame others
  • People want accountable leaders around the world
  • Always bring your ‘A’ game to the table


Tweetable Quotes:

“Surveys have shown that leadership accountability is a key business driver, tool, and capability.” – Denis Gianoutsos

“If we take accountability and ownership, that can lead to success.” – Denis Gianoutsos

“We don’t know when we’re being judged. We don’t know what we need to do at a certain time. But I just know you need to be prepared and actually living every day and bringing your ‘A’ game to the table, to the field at all times.” – Denis Gianoutsos


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