100: Njeru Nthigah – If You’re Not Growing, You’re Dying

Njeru Nthigah is the President & Founder of The Business Implementation Academy – an organization committed to empowering digital creators, knowledge entrepreneurs, course creators, and membership site owners to get unstuck so that they can implement and launch their products easier, faster and simple leading to more income, impact, and freedom.

Njeru Nthigah was born in Kenya and grew up through a life of struggle. His life was shaped by the early death of his close family, and this propelled him into a journey of entrepreneurship. He created a very successful freight company and achieved tremendous success at a very young age.

Njeru sold his company and moved to Southern Africa to lead the offices of the Kenyan National Airline – Kenya Airways. By that time, he was already leading two country offices, running a budget of over 40 Million Dollars and teams in both countries. 

But one day, Njeru embark on the most pivotal and life-changing journey of his life. He decided to move to America to pursue a dream of becoming his very best. He came to America with $749.00, to a country he had never been to, to a city he had never been to, and seeking a teacher he had never met! This journey had led to being trained and mentored by the world’s greatest leadership teacher John C Maxwell. 

Njeru Nthigah had been trained and shared the stage with numerous leaders like John Maxwell, Seth Godin, Nick Vujicic, Les Brown, James Wedmore, and many others. Today, Njeru Nthigah works to empower others to grow in their leadership and be successful in their business.

On this episode:

  • Celebrating the 100th Episode of Leadership Is Changing
  • Hear Njeru’s story of struggles, losing family members at a young age, and left with the responsibility of becoming the head of their family
  • Discovering who you are and learning to lead yourself
  • What’s holding you back from reaching your goals?
  • Hear why it’s important to invest in yourself and Njeru’s secrets to successful leadership
  • What it takes to be a successful leader in this fast-moving world

Key Takeaways:

  • Successful people get out of their comfort zones, not afraid to take risks, pursues and does everything they can to reach their goals
  • There’s always a price to pay, sacrifices to make to achieve your goals
  • Successful leaders listen more and talk less
  • Allow others to thrive


Tweetable Quotes:

“I was always an entrepreneur, and that’s what saved me when I lost my family.” – Njeru Nthigah

“I like people who are unconventional. I like people who are willing to put the stick on the ground and try something that has never been tried.” – Njeru Nthigah

“When you make up your mind. When you cut out the noise. When you say there is no going back. Everything is possible.” – Njeru Nthigah


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